A planet horizon view from space with the sun shining towards the camera, reflecting in a large river and lakes seen on the surface of the planet in unreal engine
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Large scale celestial bodies in Unreal Engine

This was my research project during my final year at Digital Arts and Entertainment at Howest. This project aimed to develop a workflow to generate planetary bodies in Unreal Engine 4 aimed to be used in video games requiring large-scale planets, allowing the player to get as close as a low orbit while maintaining the visual fidelity necessary to keep the player immersed.I'm very satisfied with the end result of this project. There are still some aspects to be tackled, such as recalculating normals after vertex displacement, however all in all I achieved what I set out to achieve and created a workflow that allows for a very high level of visual fidelity.

If you are interested the full workflow on this you can find the full paper here:

An overview of the workflow:

Software used:
Substance Designer
Unreal Engine 4
game art, environment, game environment, realtime, PBR, planets, procedural planet
January 2021