Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Lander, a freelance generalist from Belgium. I initially started my career as a 3D artist in AAA, but quickly realized that I wouldn't find what I was looking for there. I have a very versatile skill-set and I didn't have the opportunity to let that shine, so I ventured into freelancing. Freelancing has allowed my versatile skill-set to shine in a variety of projects: real-time, cinematics, stills, visualizations, illustration, game development, etc..., I enjoy it all and take enormous pride in my work.
Besides my artistic side, I also enjoy venturing into more technical projects, such as the spatial audio extension I'm developing for Godot.

Currently I'm working for Bippinbits on PVKK: Planetenverteidigungskanonenkommandant.
"Lander has been instrumental in developing dynamic assets for projects at MrSuicideSheep, providing insight and leadership on top of solid technical ability. A highly professional technical artist, generalist and artist within his own right, Lander will be an invaluable addition to any project. I hope to work with him again soon."